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1. The service request   is validated once we accept it orally, by telephone or in writing by e-mail, WhatsApp or Instagram. The contract between us will be formed by the content of our email/telephone/WhatsApp/social media exchange together with any other relevant document or confirmation we send to you (including invoices) and these terms and conditions.

2. During your   request for services, we will notify you of the applicable provisioning fees. If the services are ongoing, we will also let you know when and how you can end the contract.

3. We charge a flat fee for all services.

4. For services by appointment, a 20% deposit will be required to confirm the appointment.   For appointments canceled less than 24 hours in advance, the deposit will not be refunded.

5. Payment options are: Bank Transfer, Paypal, Lydia, Cash 

6. The agency will not be responsible for problems encountered beyond its control, transport problem, carrier,   various events.

7. In order to be able to offer you the best service, the agency is entitled to ask you personal questions, all information transmitted   will be  confidentielles _cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_and secure. The company undertakes to respect the privacy of its customers as well as the information provided   for and during appointments.


1. Requests for articles   are made   on order via instagram, the contact form or whatsapp.   Once we have started working on your request, you may not be able to cancel it and you may be required to pay all or part of our charges for the products ordered. Until we have started working on the services you requested, you have 5 days to change your mind and cancel your request.

2. Additional costs may be added depending on item value, shipping country,   and delivery type. Taxes or customs fees must be paid by you.

3. You acknowledge that processing times, refund conditions, deliveries, etc. are defined by retailers / brands. They will be communicated to you as soon as the agency becomes aware of them.

4. Once the item(s) have been purchased and validated, we generate an invoice, which is due immediately. Items will not be shipped until our invoice has been paid. Our payment options are as follows: Bank transfer, Paypal, Lydia, Cash…

5. If the goods you have ordered are not as described, faulty or unsuitable, we will return them to the retailer on your behalf in accordance with the retailer's returns policy and we will assist you where possible in this regard. regarding such return, exchange or refund. The retailer will have the final decision regarding a refund or exchange of a product.

6. In case of refund of article the service of the agency is not refunded.


1. Fittings are by appointment, defined in advance between the client and the agency.

2. Items purchased and worn are subject to the retailer's rules (after-sales service, return, etc.)

3. The agency is not responsible for the quality, longevity of items purchased on your behalf.

4. Once the fittings have been made and the articles have been validated, an invoice is established directly and immediate payment will have to be made to keep the articles.

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